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The Glenoid Vault Outer Cortex a new more accurate radiological reference for shoulder arthroplasty

is the Glenoid Vault Outer Cortex a more Accurate Reference Plane than Conventional Methods in Shoulder Arthroplasty?

The Middle Glenohumeral Ligament Test for the Diagnosis of Subscapularis Lesions

A Cadaveric Study of the Posterior Interosseous Nerve and Its Branches at the Level of the Distal Radius

Screw Removal Can Resolve Unexplained Anterior Pain Without Recurrence of Instability After Open Latarjet Procedures





Nerve transfer in the spastic upper limb: anatomical feasibility study. Surg Radiol Anat 2021. Waxweiler C, Remy S, Merlini L, Leclercq C.


Livres et chapitres de livres :

L’arthroscopie de la main, du poignet et du coude, SFA, Elsevier-Masson, 2020.

Arthroscopy and Endoscopy of the Elbow, Wrist and Hand: Surgical Anatomy and Techniques, ISAKOS (en attente de publication).

Traumatologie en pratique sportive, Elsevier-Masson, 2021.